An Addictive Windows FRPG


If you like exploration and discovery
If you like real time action
If you like dark damp dangerous dungeons
If you like a game that will keep you at your computer
  hour after hour,
  day after day,
  week after week,
  month after month... 
and if you really don't care about your job or
personal relationships with other human beings, 
        then you need
Demise: Rise of the Ku'Tan.

Demise is a Huge, Non-linear Fantasy Role Playing game (dungeon crawl/hack type) that features 3D graphics, great sound, and fantastic play in single and/or multiplayer modes, and enough races, guilds, items, monsters, magic, spells, traps, environments, dungeon and story line to keep avid FRPers playing for hundreds of hours.

The game also includes a FREE game server, so you can host your own multiplayer game via LAN or over the Internet. 


Demise - Rise of the Ku'Tan takes place in Dejenol, where the city has just been attacked and nearly destroyed by creatures.

As you join the adventure, you will need to choose your race, the guild you wish to belong to, and then start your training to explore the dungeons below and find and destroy the marauders of the city and the source of their power. 

Along the way you will encounter creatures from all manner of life, learn magic spells, increase in strenght and knowledge, find items of interest, build wealth, encounter traps and hazards, die once of twice, and have a rousing good time. 



  • Challenging non-linear play
  • Great 3D graphics
  • Great Single Player action
  • Multiplayer action via TCP/IP connection 
  • Real-time action and combat
  • Rich musical soundtrack
  • Exciting sound FX
  • Fantastic Visual Spell FX



  • 65K color graphics
  • Hundreds of unique monsters
  • Hundreds of unique items
  • A rich collection of magical spells
  • Nine character races to choose from
  • Twelve guilds with specialized skills and weapons
  • Auto mapping
  • A game environment so advanced, and a world so rich, you will be challenged by each new adventure.


Price : boxed set including manual ... 24.95  + sh ...

Try or Buy:  Download the Demo or

buy the demo on CD: 3.95 + sh ...

Download version 1.03: 19.95 ...

(Make sure you provide a valid email address as your download access and key-code details will be sent after we process your order)


Windows 95, 98, 2000
166 MHz or faster
32 Megs of RAM
300 Megs of Free Hard Drive space
High Color capable 2MB+ PCI or AGP video card with DirectDraw Support
4x CD-ROM drive (600K/second transfer rate) using 32-bit Windows driver
DirectX 7 (provided on CD)
Sound card with Directsound Support

Recommended System: 300Mhz+, 64MB RAM, 16x CD-ROM drive, 3D Accelerator card  that supports OpenGL or Direct3D.

For Multiplayer Game Play
1 CD for each Player/machine
INTERNET Connection: TCP/IP connection through an ISP at 28.8K or better



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Last modified: September 17, 2010