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by Charles Dickens,
performed by Patrick Horgan.
14h 42m 5.95

A Tale of Two Cities

Perhaps the most famous opening and closing lines of any novel ever written appear in Charles Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities. This historic novel is written within the framework of the French Revolution; however, its themes are timeless. Through his unforgettable characters, Dickens portrays the human condition in situations involving love, honor, greed, poverty, affluence, vengeance and loyalty. He also explores the meaning and possibility of resurrection. How far would you go to support your country and defend what is yours? Would you give your life for your country? For a lover? For a friend? Do you think people are capable of changing? This thought-provoking work that is set in both London and Paris, not only provides insight into the time period, but also inspires a long hard look at our own human condition.
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Tale of Two Cities
Tale of Two Cities

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