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George R.R. Martin's "The Hedge Knight"

Featuring the brilliance of DB Pro Dabel Brothers Productions ~
the stories of George R.R. Martin, Richard Knaak, Robert Jordan, Robert Silverberg & Raymond E. Feist with fantasy art by Julie Bell, Tom Mandrake, Mike S Miller, Ted Nasmith, Mark Stef, Boris Vallejo, Tom Yeates and many more ~ on this page we showcase The Hedge Knight ~



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How it began ~
the Hedge Knight
Convention Special

One signed copy of the Convention Special
40.00 ~

Unsigned copy of the Convention Special
25.00 ~

Issue #1 incentive cover
7.95 ~
Issue #1
One of three variants
Dealer Incentive Cover
7.95 (below)
This is a picture of a rare convention only issue (1500 copies printed) signed.  A new standard in fantasy art comics has been set.  Look for future adaptions of works by Robert Silverburg, Raymond E. Feist and others! DsDC_HK1inc.jpg (43110 bytes)


The Hedge Knight ~ Click the comics covers for a full size picture  ~

Trade Paperback

DsDC_HK-TPB.jpg (70470 bytes)

Edition 1 9.95

We have NEW copies of both the First Edition and the Second Edition trade issue of George R.R. Martin's "The Hedge Knight" IN STOCK ... these are 'hot' items and in very short supply ... original release date June 30th 2004, the 2nd Edition cover is similar to the illustration above but is marked Second Edition and there is a bonus short story from George R.R. Martin and artwork from AMOK!!

DsDC_HK-TPB2.jpg (89949 bytes)

Edition 2 9.95

The Hedge Knight cover (above left) is from the 2003  convention special ~ only 1,500 were printed.  The one shown is signed by Mike S. Miller (pencils) and Mike Crowell (inks) of Dabel Brothers Productions.  We have only ONE signed copy and several unsigned copies available.  On the right (above) is the Hedge Knight #1 incentive cover made available only to retailers, the art is by the Brothers Hildebrandt.  We have several  left  of these in stock also.

Below the convention and incentive cover are pictures of the earlier issues (left and below)  ~ we have limited quantities of some of these available also ~ prices may be above list, and condition 'as is' owing to scarcity.

DsDC_HK1A.jpg (63180 bytes)


Cover A by
Mike S Miller

Cover B by
Out of Stock!

DsDC_HK1B.jpg (119831 bytes)

DsDC_HK2A.jpg (96749 bytes)


Cover A (left) by
Mike S Miller
Out of Stock !!


Cover B (right) by
Boris Vallejo
Out of Stock!!

HK-2B.jpg (240256 bytes)

DsDC_HK3A.jpg (50377 bytes)

# 3

Cover A (left) by
Mike S Miller
Out of Stock!!

 Cover B
(right) by
  Tom Mandrake 
& Mark Stef
Out of Stock!!


DsDC_HK3B.jpg (62165 bytes)
DsDC_HK4A.jpg (156242 bytes) # 4

Cover A (left) by
Mike S Miller
1.95 +sh

Cover B (right) by
Tom Yeates
3.95 +sh
DsDC_HK4A.jpg (156242 bytes)
DsDC_HK5A.jpg (34725 bytes) #5

Cover A (left) by
Mike S Miller
1.95 +sh

Cover B (right) by
Ted Nasmith
3.95 +sh
DsDC_HK5B.jpg (51904 bytes)

Cover B by Anders Finer (left) 3.95
Cover A by Mike S Miller (right) 1.95

DsDC_HK6B.jpg (50009 bytes) DsDC_HK6A.jpg (116278 bytes)

Decklin's Hedge Knight Forums
DsDC_HK1-3.jpg (45785 bytes) Collected Hedge Knight 1 to 3
(far left)
Out of Stock  ...
Cover by 
Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell
 7.95 + sh

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About the publishers:

Dabel Brothers Production (DB Pro) is a comic book studio dedicated to
bringing many of the best and most popular novels in the world of fantasy to
the comic book medium. With a passion for authenticity and a firm respect
for the original text, the Dabel Brothers work hard to ensure that their
adaptations build upon and enhance the worlds of popular works in a manner
that longtime fans and new readers alike can enjoy.

To date, Dabel Brothers Production is best known for its critically
acclaimed adaptation of bestselling author George R. R. Martin's The Hedge
Knight. DB Pro has also produced such titles as Legacy, Robert Silverberg's
include Tad Willams's THE BURNING MAN, Raymond E. Feist's THE WOOD BOY, and

More information about Dabel Brothers Production can be found at

About the artists:

Julie Bell
Anders Finer
Brothers Hildebrandt
MW Kaluta
Tom Mandrake
Mike S Miller
Ted Nasmith
Boris Vallejo
Tom Yeates

About the author:

George RR Martin's Home Page


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