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Recommended:  Gerald Seymour ~ The Untouchable

In London, Albert William Packer (aka Mister) is master of all he surveys.  He rules the manor with an iron fist - transgression is punished savagely, moonlighting is rooted out without hesitation.  For twenty years, Packer has had it all his own way however, after the collapse of the last crime squad case against him as Packer attempts to expand his empire, an archivist from the home office, Joey Cann steadily works to uncovers more information about the criminal until he can confront him directly ... .

Recommended:  John Grisham ~ A Painted House

The tale of a journey from innocence to experience.  Autumn 1952, and seven-year-old Luke helps his family pick cotton on the Arkansas farm that they rent.  Times are hard, tension is high, and he finds himself keeping secrets that threaten the crop and will change the lives of his family forever.

  Anne Robinson ~ Memoirs of an Unfit Mother

When Anne Robinson became a young reporter in Fleet Street, her mother, a wealthy market trader, bought her a mink coat and told her to have a facial once a month. This is an account of three generations of women, Anne's formidable mother, Anne and her daughter Emma. Plus Anne's downfall, and returning to take a second go at life.

  Pamela Stephenson ~ Billy

The inside story of the one of the most successful British stand-up comedians, as told by the person best qualified to reveal all about the man behind the comic, his wife of 10 years -- Pamela Stephenson. Whatever your opinion of Billy Connolly, his life has been an epic tale of controversy and hilarity, tragedy and comedy.

Recommended:  Bill Bryson ~ Notes from a Small Island

Bill Bryson decided to take his family back to America for a while, & took one last tour around the U.K. After the humorous and bestselling accounts of trips to Europe (Neither Here Nor There) and America (The Lost Continent), he takes stock of the nation that has produced Marmite, place names like Farleigh Wallopp and Titsey, and programmes like Gardeners' Question Time.

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