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Introducing Drizzt Do'Urden, the Drow Elf, one of the most famous characters in modern fantasy literature ...

"The Crystal Shard" represents one of those moments in time when an unsuspecting author (in this case Robert A. Salvatore writing his first novel in the '80s) finds a character leaping from the pages of the finished book and finding many other places in which to survive and live on.  Of course, it helps when the scenario in question is Icewind Dale and part of the Forgotten Realms A.D. & D. universe where such creativity is not unknown.

The Icewind Dale Trilogy collectors edition cover sleeve illustration (right) is by Matthew Stawicki and it was scanned before getting somewhat dog-eared due to much use.

By R.A. Salvatore ...

The Icewind Dale Trilogy:

   The Crystal Shard
   Streams of Silver
   The Halfling's Gem

The Dark Elf Trilogy:


Cleric Quintet:
   Canticle Bk.1
   In Sylvan Shadows Bk.2
   Night Masks Bk.3
   The Fallen Fortress Bk.4
   The Chaos Curse Bk.5

   The Legacy
   Starless Night
By Elaine Cunningham ...

   Daughter of the Drow

By Ed Greenwood ...

   Elminster: The Making of a Mage
   Elminster in Myth Drannor
   The Temptation of Elminster

By Douglas Niles ...

The Moonshae Trilogy:
   Darkwalker on Moonshae
   Black Wizards


   More to come  ....


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