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Welcome to Decklin's Domain of audio books, talking books, fantasy comics, games and music ~ and things related to any of the above.  

In late 2002, Worldtainment Inc., a company in Brooklyn, New York, specialists in professional audio recordings for radio production and English Language educational broadcasting, decided to make its catalogue ( of unabridged audio recordings of classic English literature ) available to the general public.  While all the recordings may also be ordered on conventional tapes or CDs, the company made a decision to release all the works in high quality mp3 format on CD as most modern CD and DVD players now also play PC data file formats.

Adventure & Science fiction
Charles Dickens
Childrens Favourites
Christmas Stories
Classic Literature
Contemporary Authors
Jane Austen
Philosophy / Theology
Science Fiction

Ask Sherlock

Sherlock Holmes
Thriller / Mystery
Womens Classics
Young Readers

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Given that high fidelity recordings of unabridged works have meant that a single title may require twenty or thirty audio cassettes or a half dozen conventional CDs,  formatting in mp3 provides outstanding value as most novels will be contained on a single disk.  

In fact, out of the hundred or so offerings in the first release, only three classics '"Nicholas Nickleby", Vanity Fair' and 'Tom Jones' require dual CD audio books.

Decklin's Domain is proud to be an authorized retailer for the Worldtainment series of unabridged classic talking books and we are the first to make them available East of the mid-Atlantic ridge!


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Fantasy & Science Fiction Comics

The Hedge Knight
Dragonlance: Legend of Huma
The Wood Boy * The Burning Man
Imperial Dragons
Seventh Shrine
New Spring

One of the most eclectic gatherings of fantasy comics artists, science fiction writers and book publishers has taken place recently with works involving Dabel Brothers Productions, Image Comics, Alias Comics, Lynx Studios  and Lithium Pro to name a few dynamic organizations.  Decklin's Domain is very proud to be presenting some of these recent issues ~ particularly those works bringing the art of the graphic novel  to well-loved works of Science Fiction and Science Fantasy by authors such as Richard A. Knaak, George R. R. Martin, Raymond E. Feist, Robert Jordan and Robert Silverberg ...

Fantasy Role Playing Games for the PC

Mordor 1
Demise: Rise of the Ku'Tan
Devil Whiskey

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Fans of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series may be interested in a unique limited edition print
now available from Dabel Brothers Production ... details may be found here.  The New Spring comic series is
also shipping and the set of eight may be pre-ordered from our sister site Decklin's Domain Comics.

Also here, or coming soon to this site, our Book Feature Pages:

Forgotten Realms®
Harry Potter (books, merchandise & memorabilia links)
Midkemia (Raymond E. Feist)

Music Feature Pages Coming Soon:
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Live Music in the San Francisco Bay ~ Artists and Venues

and some examples of other upcoming feature articles and stores ...

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